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Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

Wajah Bopeng PNS Kita

Bertahun-tahun sudah PNS mendapat sorotan negatif dari public. Berita terakhir yang dilansir www.voaindonesia.com (10/5) memperkuat kesan tersebut. Paling tidak tampak dari pernyataan aktivis ICW  Adek Irawan. tentang Buruknya kinerja  Pegawai Negeri Sipil yang dikaitkan kualitas kinerja birokrasi. Begitu juga dengan pendapat dari Ketua DPR Marzuki Alie yang  menyatakan   ingin memangkas jumlah PNS di lingkungan gedung MPR DPR karena tidak efektif.
Di balik fenomena  tersebut, sesungguhnya ada apa dengan dengan keberadaan PNS kita?

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-p86PsxCZPRQ/T6uJ5QxRIoI/AAAAAAAAACQ/pyUpIH2wRB8/s320/oc.jpgBukan Jaminan
Benar sekali pemikiran Marzuki Alie, secara faktual kuantitas PNS bukan jaminan bagi berjalan mulusnya pelayanan publik dan lancarnya administrasi pembangunan daerah. Jumlah yang sangat besar, jika tidak dibarengi dengan kualitas yang memadai, justru menjadi beban bagi anggaran keuangan. Bahkan akan menjadi sumber inefisiensi yang luar biasa bagi kinerja pemerintah daerah.
Begitu juga akan mengalami konsekuensi serupa,  bila jumlah PNS relatif  sedikit dan kurang proporsional dengan jumlah penduduk yang mesti dilayani. Apalagi jika kualitasnya pun kurang memadai, tentu menjadi problem yang jauh lebih krusial.

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meniko uji coba nggih

Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Are you having stress ?

Someone who has stress usually is described as like trapped in attitude and behavior out of control or a mental shock. Their behavioral attitudes, and morbid thoughts. Such is often alone, smile, talk and stray rant without cause. Sometimes forget what and who his opponent, against anyone who want to touch. Of our image is not too guilty, because someone who may be exposed to heavy stress that behave so. Presumably, the stress has not proportional understood. Even seen such a frightening specter, so it is need to avoid, expelled and be warning. But, what stress being ?

In fact, stress very sticky with all the dynamics of life, the success or failure of each of us. So also in life companies, often can not escape the crush stress. Then, whether the policy should be taken by the management?

Stress tension is the condition that influence emotions, thinking processes and the other condition of someone It is stimulated occurrence of the gap between a reallity and what should happen. Usually followed by psychological disturbances such as nervous, apathetic, aggressive and asocial. Also, the physical disturbances such as indigestion, hypertension, prolonged fatigue and the other. Traditionally, there are two causes stress. One side, causes stress originating from outside the work environment. It can be off the job this coming from the family life of employees, such as personal relationship and financial problems. The other, the cause on the job, had associated with the work situations, including the settlement of labor, employment and other.

Given the diversity of stressor it is not possible .there is a feasible, someone who having high tensions is caused more than one stressor. Stress does not always make bad conditions in our company. Sometimes the management need stimulates to increase passion. Especially, to support working groups getting achievement limit of performance improvement.

Really, stress on a particular principle has positive consequences for the company.

Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

communication barriers

You may feel annoyed to see the fact of the workers in particular often incorrectly understand your instructions. When you feel already provide enough. Similarly, you are very disappointed to see the potential customers to switch products to buy competitors, only trouble unwittingly fax machine trouble you, so you failed to enter the bidding of the goods. Those phenomena describe in your company there are ineffective communications.
There are several barrier that caused communication process can not be effective, such as:
Obstacles that may result because of differences in status in the structure of organizations / communities, so that the result in the communication business can not achieve optimal results. For example, a subordinate who can not afford uncover feelings and thoughts on one. Reluctant to submit their opinions, if they feel unsafe, threatened or fear
Barrier caused the useless tools in the channel of communication. For example, talking business over the telephone voice falter due to a network that were damaged. Often happens, instruments that had be trouble need more detect whether caused by incorrect maintenance or because it is outdated.
The barrier disruption caused psychological one of the parties in the communication process. This barrier appears when we provide information about a new product. Moreover, customer has ever been negative experience when try using our products,
Communication barriers due to differences in the background of the relevant share. Different background including religious, cultural level of education and other. Differences in cultural background often be a trigger factor. Using specific terms like as slank words in communication sometimes appearing misperceived. This barrier will be complex, if your company have multi cultural empoyees.
Environmental barrier make communication process failed. It caused by a enviroment not suitable for perfor comunication. maybe a metting entire employees that hold in room near main machine,. Surely, communication process will not be effective, because it is noisy and unpleasant.
When you found one of those barries in your commpany, see again careful. Find a true trouble maker in your company. . If you can choose a manner and time perfectly, then you do repairered. It is a great opportunity, communication in company will run more effectively.By knowing these barriers, will be estimated outcome. Of course, if the communication was successful, you will get benefit both material and immaterial.
Your Responsibility as a manager need a prime communication ability. Because, the company's business success depending with you. Finally, improving communication skills is a your mandatory..

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How to Save Promo Cost

Several years ago price color laser printer still above $5000 with 4 pass technology. But, today its price roughly decreased and technology is applied had changed. With singe pass method, printing process be faster.Printer Color just offered with $ 400. Wow that is fantastic price ! And, suit for small business or small office. More over, need of printing from several small business tend to increase.

There are four toner catridge -- magenta, black, yellow and blue -- that is contained in this printer. Base on that composition, will give chance to printing with perfectly output. This color laser printer able to represent printing with perfect color. Even its color tend to bright. Base on experience, after my poster printed and hanged in the wall for several years, its color not be fade. That. means HP able to create printer that have adequate color.and resist with water. Printer figure appear look as tight and officially. The printer equipment are a CD installer, AC cable and USB cable.

With color laser technology. small business can create their own publishing material. They must not pay extra cost to publish like as brochur, bussines card, calender, envelop, poster and anymore.Base on this approach, small business will saving much dollar cost of their promotions. Moveover, aveliable so many desktop publishing software. So we can chose one of them that most suit for their need.

There are several point so that self publishing for small business be effective.

1. we must khow how to operating desktop publishing software.

2. So that look as professional, please download a ton applied ar template ifor material romotion.from internet sites.

3. Optimized your printer laser function to make other wide material promotion, may be you can printing a wide poster with A4 printer !

4. Must know lot of to operate, maintenance and fixing a litle trouble printer. This included able to change toner printer that had run out.

kentonkentin's Article

How to Get A New Boss

If you sometimes feel stuck in your work. Boring with your relationship and condition in office. Have no enthusiast again to climb your career. A lot of burn out a long day. Even, have feel sickness if you remember about your workload. That situation fulfilled with unsatisfied condition..

if you had been taken a rest for several days, but conditions not improving, Beware, May be you have symptom of stress

You may be need a new situation. Don’t afraid , take a chance to change. A big movement will reposition yourself, change a pain to be happiness.

Don’t be late, as soon as look for a new job and getting a new boss. If you get chance to be interviewed, you must give a great attention to following things:

Mode : You are a professional person, not a movie star. So that you must appear with official suit, without bright accessories. Choose soft or neutral color, not glowing color. May be blue color will give impression firm, confident and acceptable.

Attending : If you are late going into interview, that is a big terrible! May be you are just had perceived as person who have no good time management. That means you are not person whom they will hire.

Attitude : When you speaks, the other sometimes can research your words and your attitude. Do you speaks very loudly? Or may be as like whisper, so person who sitting beside you nearly unhearing. You must enough confident to discuss with interviewer. Especially about your achievement, project and remunerate. But, in discuss don’t look as an aggressive person. Remember, that is will appear from your mimic and gesture, though you are unconscious self. Your point of view exactly describe who you are. Are you a compromise person who can adapt into group and teamwork or not. Good luck!

Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

How to Recruit

Kenton’s Article

Personnel development is a critical issue in a company. Through affairs personnel have a strategic position, that issue can be managed with excellent.

Existence of the company in high competitions is a thing that most valuable. That is not bargained. Related with chaotic business competition, company's attention focused in the effort to organize employees into a competitive advantage. So obtain a high capability personnel , only can be done through a strict selection process. Then, following with an adequate training .Without it, all effort is impossible attempt to create a high quality of personnel.

Operationally, the company in an effort to find employees that are required, must base on an needs analysis and job analysis . That analysis will give attention about comparison a workload volume which must be certified and the number of workers required . Also need to describe flow of work to perform job analysis. Next step, make description of some of the requirements that must be met for a labor force that occupies a particular position. Based on the analysis, your company will decide needs of employees .

Ideally, a workforce needs analysis should be conducted base on constantly periodic. So that the company can predict of the level shift their worker. Also all of work can be planned and implement on a comprehensive recruitment program.

In a recruitment or acceptance of new employees, can be either open and close approach.. A company that want to meet with a wide candidate, jobs requirement information must sent to media mass. But, if want to be short, close approach may be the best choice. So, job vacancy information is not broadcast.

No main with all of your choice. Your company must have a true direction. So candidates must get a suitable placement with jobs that available. Remember, now is chaotic competitions. Kenton’s Article

Senin, 27 Juli 2009

How to Cope Employees' Self-Actualization

Employees Needs is quite diverse. One of that is self-actualization. Not a few employees than joint with your company, have strong desire to satisfied the needs. Unfortunately, this is often can not be realized.

At least, there are two requirements if your company wants to fulfill needs of self-actualization.

1. There is a system of employee development that transparent and based on merit system. It is included the introduction of clear benchmarks, especially the criteria that describe a person entitled to follow a development program. Such as a limit of how long someone had been joined with your company. What kind of their education qualified or occupation. The chance to develop your workers in form of educations, trainings and promotions must be open for all. Criteria of workers who objectively meet the conditions is had been outlined, along day before. That will keep up the spirit of other employees who have not yet time to get a satisfying need of self- actualization.

2. There is full authority among worker to finishing their jobs. Fulfilling needs of self-actualization, you company must lean more giving freedom to employees. So that they can create a improvement to support their tasks. That conditions will develops their skills and expertise. Also, it will increase the feelings of self-confidence and responsible for the worker. If you make intervention that too excessive, it is not tolerated.

Two conditions above must exist. If only one of the conditions is met, so there is queasy fulfilling. For example, in your company opportunity getting self-actualization is open to every employee. But, there is no authority running jobs. Whether the effort to develop your workers can be success? No odds, if there is someone is called the puppet. Because, that one occupies the particular position, could not afford to make policy with the full self-initiative.

Finally, your company will get a full support from your workers. If you take care their self-actualization needs.

How to Get Employees Loyalty

There are many ways to build loyalty among the workers. For large company spoil the needs of employees is not difficult. With the great financial ability, they are able to provide sufficient facilities. Especially salaries, allowances and bonuses are awarded. Some companies provide health insurance, education assistance loans and loan for build home. Even, not a little company give a chance to their employees take part ownership of company shares.

That conditions above contrary with small companies in various financial capabilities. They tend to have a different strategy to build loyalty among employees. Generally, they give extra touch on the working atmosphere be a little personal. So they can communicate closely and having a tight psychological relations. This is one of factors that employees attractive working in small companies.

Both large companies and small companies can increase employees loyalty through fulfillment self-actualization. Through this approach, employee’s loyalty is build through careers and self-development programs. There is a great hope to build employees loyalty be more effective.

A challenging job is perceived as a very potential instrument to demonstrate achievement someone. Spirit to solve a challenge is not owned everyone. But, it is own only by people who have high level of a desire. Of course, they are employees that followed their dynamics of life. They are very pleasant towards self-development program.

Finally, there is a great result if needs of self-actualization can be realized your company. The loyalty of employees is not need boosted again by the management. Their loyalty will arise by their selves. Neither caused a threat to demotion of organization hierarchy and losing their job. Or, they fear is not paid. But, with full awareness, they understood loyal to your company. It means their needs self-actualization is fulfilling guaranteed. They will support a whole without any restriction so that their company winning in the business competition.

Minggu, 26 Juli 2009

How To Kick Out Your Employees

Choose personnel who suit with job requirement, is not easy and cheap. A big company must allocate their budget to held processing recruitment. They usually use professional Human resource agency or consultant to get high perform candidates. Sure, hire them is not cheap, though outcome better than processing recruitment is held by internal affair on a company.

Seeing the above facts, and how to hold the recruitment if your company can not afford to pay expensive consultants for HRD? Can you do recruitment independently with optimal results? Yes, if you following this tips so that getting a new worker who qualified!

1. Apply merit system with follows a standard method and procedures that own company. through this system, your company will be able to minimize problems is caused hire employee who is not proficient, have no specifications that the skills and expertise demanded by their jobs. Beware, if your company split of this way, it will create a troublemaker in future.

2. The right man on the right place must enforce. The success of your business depends on their ability to run tasks in with the appropriate time. Also, their ability to serving customers with high standards. It is shame, if we choose candidates who have no skill that suit with their job. Though, they are member of your great family.

3. Ideally, recruitment must be able to find the best potential employees. But, perfection in this world is a rare item. Thus, as soon as you must held a specific training that afford cover gap ability candidate with their job.

4. Serve a trial session to get a comprehensive conclusion abut your candidates. You must review with focus at their attitude, appearance and skills. Whether they meet the attitude standard your company? For example, how is he serving prospective customers, how to talk, the tone lace, sitting posture and the other.

5. Don’t be tolerant if your candidate show signs of disobey and tend to fail in finishing tasks. Since the beginning we must apply the discipline of work, including the commitment of new employees’ final settlement of the boundary task.

6. Give feed back and a chance to change their performance in one short time.

7. Just kick out your candidates if proven their failed met with your company standard

8. After then, you must hold recruitment program again. What this mean your recruitment fail? Maybe, Yes! But this policy can guard you avoid having a great headache. Especially caused by inability a new worker to fulfilled their tasks.

How to Cope Strees

Stress does not always create negative effects. In specific conditions, stress on a particular principle has positive consequences. Several companies’ uses stress increasing passion among workers. Especially, it is used to encourage achievement of the limit performance. They give moderate stress, when workers nearly reach a limit time a project. This manner can stimulate the workers finishing their work before passed deadline.

Stress, if not controlled will disrupt employee productivity and overall smoothness of the company. Its existence could not be denied. Even, it has colored to the daily dynamics life of each company. Unconsciously, it is very close to our lives. Therefore, attendance is not necessary avoided. Thus efforts to control the most important, so it’s negative impact must is reduced.

Some employees are able to control stress pliers such a way, so are not shocked. But, there are employees who are prone to stress. In general, they have less confidence in facing the problems of life and have less emotional stability. Not strange, when some of them who want to alleviate the burden stress have smoking and drinking coffee in a measure more. In fact, attempt to escape reality with drink alcohol, drug addict and the other. The fact is, it will affect the productivity of work, both qualitative and quantitative. This is especially visible from the decline of moral, motivation and work performance. In addition, the increased level of absenteeism and labor turn over.

Viewing that a fact, the company must organize counseling program, as a form of responsibility towards workers, That is a program that seeks to provide basic assistance for employees in the problems of life as well included handling stress. That responsibility is mandatory. Especially considering that climate and environment the company had been major stressor among employees.

Base on research, so many companies that do not have the counseling agencies. Maybe it is considered as a source of inefficiency. Even, if any company has it, tent to make claim formally. Not strange, if there is a board name, without any activities.

Ideally, companies have a bureau take care a counseling program. There is allows many problems of the individual organization can be discussed, disclosed to the public. Particularly, several issues that appear such as role-conflict, disagreement with the value of the company, conflict between colleague and relationship with superiors.

Counseling program can be run optimally, if it is held by the competent personnel. Maybe, it involves counselor professionals, such psychiatrist or psychologist. Also, it is full supported by the management.