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How to Cope Strees

Stress does not always create negative effects. In specific conditions, stress on a particular principle has positive consequences. Several companies’ uses stress increasing passion among workers. Especially, it is used to encourage achievement of the limit performance. They give moderate stress, when workers nearly reach a limit time a project. This manner can stimulate the workers finishing their work before passed deadline.

Stress, if not controlled will disrupt employee productivity and overall smoothness of the company. Its existence could not be denied. Even, it has colored to the daily dynamics life of each company. Unconsciously, it is very close to our lives. Therefore, attendance is not necessary avoided. Thus efforts to control the most important, so it’s negative impact must is reduced.

Some employees are able to control stress pliers such a way, so are not shocked. But, there are employees who are prone to stress. In general, they have less confidence in facing the problems of life and have less emotional stability. Not strange, when some of them who want to alleviate the burden stress have smoking and drinking coffee in a measure more. In fact, attempt to escape reality with drink alcohol, drug addict and the other. The fact is, it will affect the productivity of work, both qualitative and quantitative. This is especially visible from the decline of moral, motivation and work performance. In addition, the increased level of absenteeism and labor turn over.

Viewing that a fact, the company must organize counseling program, as a form of responsibility towards workers, That is a program that seeks to provide basic assistance for employees in the problems of life as well included handling stress. That responsibility is mandatory. Especially considering that climate and environment the company had been major stressor among employees.

Base on research, so many companies that do not have the counseling agencies. Maybe it is considered as a source of inefficiency. Even, if any company has it, tent to make claim formally. Not strange, if there is a board name, without any activities.

Ideally, companies have a bureau take care a counseling program. There is allows many problems of the individual organization can be discussed, disclosed to the public. Particularly, several issues that appear such as role-conflict, disagreement with the value of the company, conflict between colleague and relationship with superiors.

Counseling program can be run optimally, if it is held by the competent personnel. Maybe, it involves counselor professionals, such psychiatrist or psychologist. Also, it is full supported by the management.

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