Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

How to Get A New Boss

If you sometimes feel stuck in your work. Boring with your relationship and condition in office. Have no enthusiast again to climb your career. A lot of burn out a long day. Even, have feel sickness if you remember about your workload. That situation fulfilled with unsatisfied condition..

if you had been taken a rest for several days, but conditions not improving, Beware, May be you have symptom of stress

You may be need a new situation. Don’t afraid , take a chance to change. A big movement will reposition yourself, change a pain to be happiness.

Don’t be late, as soon as look for a new job and getting a new boss. If you get chance to be interviewed, you must give a great attention to following things:

Mode : You are a professional person, not a movie star. So that you must appear with official suit, without bright accessories. Choose soft or neutral color, not glowing color. May be blue color will give impression firm, confident and acceptable.

Attending : If you are late going into interview, that is a big terrible! May be you are just had perceived as person who have no good time management. That means you are not person whom they will hire.

Attitude : When you speaks, the other sometimes can research your words and your attitude. Do you speaks very loudly? Or may be as like whisper, so person who sitting beside you nearly unhearing. You must enough confident to discuss with interviewer. Especially about your achievement, project and remunerate. But, in discuss don’t look as an aggressive person. Remember, that is will appear from your mimic and gesture, though you are unconscious self. Your point of view exactly describe who you are. Are you a compromise person who can adapt into group and teamwork or not. Good luck!

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