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How To Kick Out Your Employees

Choose personnel who suit with job requirement, is not easy and cheap. A big company must allocate their budget to held processing recruitment. They usually use professional Human resource agency or consultant to get high perform candidates. Sure, hire them is not cheap, though outcome better than processing recruitment is held by internal affair on a company.

Seeing the above facts, and how to hold the recruitment if your company can not afford to pay expensive consultants for HRD? Can you do recruitment independently with optimal results? Yes, if you following this tips so that getting a new worker who qualified!

1. Apply merit system with follows a standard method and procedures that own company. through this system, your company will be able to minimize problems is caused hire employee who is not proficient, have no specifications that the skills and expertise demanded by their jobs. Beware, if your company split of this way, it will create a troublemaker in future.

2. The right man on the right place must enforce. The success of your business depends on their ability to run tasks in with the appropriate time. Also, their ability to serving customers with high standards. It is shame, if we choose candidates who have no skill that suit with their job. Though, they are member of your great family.

3. Ideally, recruitment must be able to find the best potential employees. But, perfection in this world is a rare item. Thus, as soon as you must held a specific training that afford cover gap ability candidate with their job.

4. Serve a trial session to get a comprehensive conclusion abut your candidates. You must review with focus at their attitude, appearance and skills. Whether they meet the attitude standard your company? For example, how is he serving prospective customers, how to talk, the tone lace, sitting posture and the other.

5. Don’t be tolerant if your candidate show signs of disobey and tend to fail in finishing tasks. Since the beginning we must apply the discipline of work, including the commitment of new employees’ final settlement of the boundary task.

6. Give feed back and a chance to change their performance in one short time.

7. Just kick out your candidates if proven their failed met with your company standard

8. After then, you must hold recruitment program again. What this mean your recruitment fail? Maybe, Yes! But this policy can guard you avoid having a great headache. Especially caused by inability a new worker to fulfilled their tasks.

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