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communication barriers

You may feel annoyed to see the fact of the workers in particular often incorrectly understand your instructions. When you feel already provide enough. Similarly, you are very disappointed to see the potential customers to switch products to buy competitors, only trouble unwittingly fax machine trouble you, so you failed to enter the bidding of the goods. Those phenomena describe in your company there are ineffective communications.
There are several barrier that caused communication process can not be effective, such as:
Obstacles that may result because of differences in status in the structure of organizations / communities, so that the result in the communication business can not achieve optimal results. For example, a subordinate who can not afford uncover feelings and thoughts on one. Reluctant to submit their opinions, if they feel unsafe, threatened or fear
Barrier caused the useless tools in the channel of communication. For example, talking business over the telephone voice falter due to a network that were damaged. Often happens, instruments that had be trouble need more detect whether caused by incorrect maintenance or because it is outdated.
The barrier disruption caused psychological one of the parties in the communication process. This barrier appears when we provide information about a new product. Moreover, customer has ever been negative experience when try using our products,
Communication barriers due to differences in the background of the relevant share. Different background including religious, cultural level of education and other. Differences in cultural background often be a trigger factor. Using specific terms like as slank words in communication sometimes appearing misperceived. This barrier will be complex, if your company have multi cultural empoyees.
Environmental barrier make communication process failed. It caused by a enviroment not suitable for perfor comunication. maybe a metting entire employees that hold in room near main machine,. Surely, communication process will not be effective, because it is noisy and unpleasant.
When you found one of those barries in your commpany, see again careful. Find a true trouble maker in your company. . If you can choose a manner and time perfectly, then you do repairered. It is a great opportunity, communication in company will run more effectively.By knowing these barriers, will be estimated outcome. Of course, if the communication was successful, you will get benefit both material and immaterial.
Your Responsibility as a manager need a prime communication ability. Because, the company's business success depending with you. Finally, improving communication skills is a your mandatory..

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