Senin, 27 Juli 2009

How to Cope Employees' Self-Actualization

Employees Needs is quite diverse. One of that is self-actualization. Not a few employees than joint with your company, have strong desire to satisfied the needs. Unfortunately, this is often can not be realized.

At least, there are two requirements if your company wants to fulfill needs of self-actualization.

1. There is a system of employee development that transparent and based on merit system. It is included the introduction of clear benchmarks, especially the criteria that describe a person entitled to follow a development program. Such as a limit of how long someone had been joined with your company. What kind of their education qualified or occupation. The chance to develop your workers in form of educations, trainings and promotions must be open for all. Criteria of workers who objectively meet the conditions is had been outlined, along day before. That will keep up the spirit of other employees who have not yet time to get a satisfying need of self- actualization.

2. There is full authority among worker to finishing their jobs. Fulfilling needs of self-actualization, you company must lean more giving freedom to employees. So that they can create a improvement to support their tasks. That conditions will develops their skills and expertise. Also, it will increase the feelings of self-confidence and responsible for the worker. If you make intervention that too excessive, it is not tolerated.

Two conditions above must exist. If only one of the conditions is met, so there is queasy fulfilling. For example, in your company opportunity getting self-actualization is open to every employee. But, there is no authority running jobs. Whether the effort to develop your workers can be success? No odds, if there is someone is called the puppet. Because, that one occupies the particular position, could not afford to make policy with the full self-initiative.

Finally, your company will get a full support from your workers. If you take care their self-actualization needs.

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