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How to Recruit

Kenton’s Article

Personnel development is a critical issue in a company. Through affairs personnel have a strategic position, that issue can be managed with excellent.

Existence of the company in high competitions is a thing that most valuable. That is not bargained. Related with chaotic business competition, company's attention focused in the effort to organize employees into a competitive advantage. So obtain a high capability personnel , only can be done through a strict selection process. Then, following with an adequate training .Without it, all effort is impossible attempt to create a high quality of personnel.

Operationally, the company in an effort to find employees that are required, must base on an needs analysis and job analysis . That analysis will give attention about comparison a workload volume which must be certified and the number of workers required . Also need to describe flow of work to perform job analysis. Next step, make description of some of the requirements that must be met for a labor force that occupies a particular position. Based on the analysis, your company will decide needs of employees .

Ideally, a workforce needs analysis should be conducted base on constantly periodic. So that the company can predict of the level shift their worker. Also all of work can be planned and implement on a comprehensive recruitment program.

In a recruitment or acceptance of new employees, can be either open and close approach.. A company that want to meet with a wide candidate, jobs requirement information must sent to media mass. But, if want to be short, close approach may be the best choice. So, job vacancy information is not broadcast.

No main with all of your choice. Your company must have a true direction. So candidates must get a suitable placement with jobs that available. Remember, now is chaotic competitions. Kenton’s Article

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