Senin, 27 Juli 2009

How to Get Employees Loyalty

There are many ways to build loyalty among the workers. For large company spoil the needs of employees is not difficult. With the great financial ability, they are able to provide sufficient facilities. Especially salaries, allowances and bonuses are awarded. Some companies provide health insurance, education assistance loans and loan for build home. Even, not a little company give a chance to their employees take part ownership of company shares.

That conditions above contrary with small companies in various financial capabilities. They tend to have a different strategy to build loyalty among employees. Generally, they give extra touch on the working atmosphere be a little personal. So they can communicate closely and having a tight psychological relations. This is one of factors that employees attractive working in small companies.

Both large companies and small companies can increase employees loyalty through fulfillment self-actualization. Through this approach, employee’s loyalty is build through careers and self-development programs. There is a great hope to build employees loyalty be more effective.

A challenging job is perceived as a very potential instrument to demonstrate achievement someone. Spirit to solve a challenge is not owned everyone. But, it is own only by people who have high level of a desire. Of course, they are employees that followed their dynamics of life. They are very pleasant towards self-development program.

Finally, there is a great result if needs of self-actualization can be realized your company. The loyalty of employees is not need boosted again by the management. Their loyalty will arise by their selves. Neither caused a threat to demotion of organization hierarchy and losing their job. Or, they fear is not paid. But, with full awareness, they understood loyal to your company. It means their needs self-actualization is fulfilling guaranteed. They will support a whole without any restriction so that their company winning in the business competition.

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