Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Are you having stress ?

Someone who has stress usually is described as like trapped in attitude and behavior out of control or a mental shock. Their behavioral attitudes, and morbid thoughts. Such is often alone, smile, talk and stray rant without cause. Sometimes forget what and who his opponent, against anyone who want to touch. Of our image is not too guilty, because someone who may be exposed to heavy stress that behave so. Presumably, the stress has not proportional understood. Even seen such a frightening specter, so it is need to avoid, expelled and be warning. But, what stress being ?

In fact, stress very sticky with all the dynamics of life, the success or failure of each of us. So also in life companies, often can not escape the crush stress. Then, whether the policy should be taken by the management?

Stress tension is the condition that influence emotions, thinking processes and the other condition of someone It is stimulated occurrence of the gap between a reallity and what should happen. Usually followed by psychological disturbances such as nervous, apathetic, aggressive and asocial. Also, the physical disturbances such as indigestion, hypertension, prolonged fatigue and the other. Traditionally, there are two causes stress. One side, causes stress originating from outside the work environment. It can be off the job this coming from the family life of employees, such as personal relationship and financial problems. The other, the cause on the job, had associated with the work situations, including the settlement of labor, employment and other.

Given the diversity of stressor it is not possible .there is a feasible, someone who having high tensions is caused more than one stressor. Stress does not always make bad conditions in our company. Sometimes the management need stimulates to increase passion. Especially, to support working groups getting achievement limit of performance improvement.

Really, stress on a particular principle has positive consequences for the company.